Precious Metals for Physical Possession

When you make a cash purchase of physical precious metals, you’re not only diversifying your savings, but you are also protecting your savings against any economic uncertainties such as inflation. Purchasing physical gold and silver not only protects your purchasing power but also protects your hard-earned savings.

Since you are taking physical possession of your precious metals you have full control on where you store your metals. Most of our clients purchase a safe to place it in their homes or go to their local banks and have a security deposit, its merely up to you and what you’re comfortable with.

When you do purchase physical gold and silver there are zero reporting requirements on the purchase. Purchasing gold and silver to diversify your savings not only protects you from the unknown, but you are also holding a private asset that holds long term value.

When you work with Wilshire Capital, an expert will educate you on every aspect on why retirees look to diversify their savings with physical precious metals.

How We Help

An expert from Wilshire Capital is here to help you decide which precious metals that best fit your savings and goals. The process on becoming a precious metals investor is very easy and simple.

1. Decide what precious metals are the right fit

2. Once you decide the amount of your savings you would like to invest, an expert from Wilshire Capital will educate you on all precious metals so you can be fully educated on which precious metals best fits your goals.

3. Payment can be made via wire or personal/cashier’s check

You can either wire the funds which allows you to securely transfer funds from one account to another or you can send a check via FedEx.

4. Wilshire Capital ships your metals

Once you make your purchase, keep in mind your shipment of precious metals is 100% insured against loss or damage, the packaging is discreet, and the contents are never listed on any outside labeling. The package will require a signature, this is for your safety.

An expert from Wilshire Capital is always available to answer any question you have, provide market updates, and can you help with future purchases of precious metals.

If you ever decide to sell your metals, we always appreciate the first right of refusal to buy back.