Who is Wilshire Capital?

Wilshire Capital is a Leader in the Precious Metal Industry

As a leader in the Precious Metals Industry, Wilshire Capital is committed to educating our customers on how gold, silver and other precious metals can be a great tool to not only protect their wealth but also diversify their savings.

We stand by customer care and education, this is why we have been able to consistently help our customers reach their goals.

Why Wilshire Capital?

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We are your number one choice in the Precious Metals Industry & You can trust your financial future with Wilshire.

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Why Gold & Silver?

Gold and Silver has been a proven store of wealth for thousands of years. In times of instability, they have been viewed by many as a safe haven, used to preserve wealth and add security to an otherwise uncertain financial future.


Few assets offer you and your family protection from political and economic uncertainty like precious metals. Gold, silver and other metals can help safeguard your wealth from a variety of threats, such as the decline of the U.S. dollar or a stock market crash.


Diversifying your assets is a fundamental investment strategy. Most investors primarily hold paper-backed assets – stocks, bonds and mutual funds – which in today’s globalized world can fluctuate wildly with each crisis. This is why many people diversify their portfolios with precious metals – to remove the risk of putting all their eggs in one “paper” basket.

Hedge Against Inflation

As the dollar’s value continues to decline, many Americans use precious metals as a vital hedge against inflation, preserving their purchasing power for the future. In fact, as the Fed prints money in times of economic distress, the resulting loss in value suffered by the dollar tends to increase the value of metals like gold.


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Precious Metals IRA

Protect your retirement account by converting an existing IRA, eligible 401(k), 403(b), TSP, or similar tax-advantaged retirement account into a Self-Directed IRA which allows you to hold physical gold, silver, and other alternative investments. There are no tax or cost implications involved in making this move.

Physical Possession

Protect your retirement savings against an uncertain future by taking direct possession of your precious metals. One of the experts at Wilshire Capital will educate and walk you through the easy step-by-step process to have your precious metals directly shipped to your front door.